Audition HOKJE

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3 Hand to hand acrobats (trio, duo, single base)

For her new show HOKJE ('box' in English), director Laura van Hal is looking for 3 hand to hand acrobats. This can be a trio or a duo with a single base.

Audition will take place on the 15th of May 2022, 10:00- 18:00 o’clock in Rotterdam.

The show HOKJE will be created for theaters and will tour both Dutch and Belgian theaters in winter/spring 2023.

HOKJE will be a creation between the 3 acrobatics and physical theater (mime) performer Annet de Ruiter. HOKJE is a circus theatre performance for children aged 5 and up and their families of about 55 minutes. A show about gender inequality and the boxes we are all put in, based on preconception.

Laura is artistic leader and director of WIRWAR Producties, a Dutch-based company that creates contemporary circus theater for a young audience. You might have seen her previous work 'BONJE', 'WIRWAR' or, 'VLIEG OP!' and 'LEF!'. She also directed 'LOOP' and 'NET' by TENT Circustheater Productions.

From 2021 till 2024 WIRWAR Productions receives four year funding from Fonds Podiumkunsten (Dutch government funding)

About the show
HOKJE (5+), Rebel circus theatre

There are boxes you can see. You can crawl in them, and you can get out again. This is different with invisible boxes. Are you usually the toughest kid in the class? Then it is difficult to say that you are also afraid sometimes, or sad. Or are you the smallest and everyone thinks you're so cute? Then you are never the boss of all the games, while you may be very good at it. It would be nice if those invisible boxes didn't exist. Then nobody thinks it's crazy if you do wild things in the morning, and you suddenly want to be a beautiful princess in the afternoon.

In the circus theater performance HOKJE, three acrobats and a physical theater performer try to get out of their boxes with somersaults and tricks. At the circus, the strong guys are always at the bottom and the girls soar high in the air. But what if it's the other way around? In HOKJE the acrobats don't just want to show their tricks. The base wants to show that he is more than a bonk of muscle, and the quiet flyer also wants to scream loudly.


  • Rehearsal block I: end of October, November, beginning of December.

  • Rehearsal block II: Half of January.

  • Montage in theater: beginning of February.

  • Tour period HOKJE: February till end of April.

Rehearsals will take place in the Netherlands. We will rehearse 4 days a week, in total approximately 9 weeks.

Exact dates for the rehearsals will be chosen in consultation with performers and are dependent on studio availability.

Payment, contract and insurance
  • Rehearsals, montage and shows are paid according to the CAO Theatre and Dance (Dutch collective labour agreement)
  • acrobats will get a freelance contract with the company
  • acrobats must have a AVB verzekering/liability insurance and hand in the insurance policy when signing the contract.
No pied-a-terre

The company doesn't have a pied-a-terre, but within the limits of our budget we will look for an appropriate solution or compensation. Foreign acrobats are expected to find housing in the Netherlands themselves. Travel cost will only be paid to travel to The Netherlands at the beginning and end of the rehearsal/tour blocks and within The Netherlands.

Function description

Creation period

During the rehearsal period the director and the dramaturge, in cooperation with the performers, will develop an acrobatic theatre show. The material for the show is created through acting and dance exercises as well as acrobatic movement and physical theatre research.

Tour period

After the premiere, the show will tour both Dutch and Belgian theaters. This tour will include 'public performances' for families and 'closed performances' for elementary pupils. When performing for schools it's common to have 2 shows a day, your first show being at 10:30 in the morning. During the tour there will be a lot of travelling around the country. The company does not provide housing for foreign acrobats during the tour. Only when you perform school shows in Belgium you have an overnight stay in a hotel.


  • Graduate or intern from an official circus school.

  • Specialization in hand to hand acrobatics is a must (trio, duo or single base). Additional skills are more than welcome as well.

  • High level of experience in both dance and physical theatre.

  • Affinity with performing for children from age 5 and up.

  • Motivated to use the craftsmanship of acrobatics and to think outside the (acrobatic) box, to create an imaginative storytelling performance by combining physical theatre and circus techniques as starting points.

  • Experience in giving circus workshops to children is an advantage.

  • Living in the Netherlands or willing to base here during both the rehearsal- and tour periods. Applicants must live within a maximum range of 300 km from Amsterdam (NL).

  • A good command of the English language.

Extra information

Giving workshops

Along with the performance, an educational project will be created. Performers could be asked to give simple circus workshops for elementary school children and/or in theaters after a 'public performance'. These activities will be paid for separately from the show-fee.


For questions send an email to or call Laura van Hal, +31(0)6-44838986

How to sign in for the audition?

Duo's, trio's and single bases can apply.

Before the 6th of May 2022 send your CV with photo, videos and a motivational letter describing why you want to be in this show to

Audition by invitation only!

When you are invited to the audition, there is no need to prepare any material up front. In a workshop environment we will work on movement- , physical theatre- and acrobatic assignments, to explore your talents.